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A Blessing and a Curse

The author has rated this book PG-13
(questionable content for children under 13)


A blessing and a curse is what Malika deems her gift of visions of the future. But to women on the outside looking in, Malika got it going on: a handsome, successful husband, obedient kids, and an art career. Who would ask for more? But then her gift of sight warns her of her husband’s desire to leave her.

Funny how one person can change the mood of an entire household. Malika’s husband, Hooch, is a miserable, ex-football star, who might make Malika a happy wife if he wasn’t haunted by his past. Instead, he’s stressful to be around.

Malika can’t figure out what’s gone wrong; but a needed vacation and a tall, dark and wealthy admirer inspire her new found strength, BUT, to what detrimental end?

Andrea once again takes us on a roller coaster ride full of drama, mystery and suspenseful twists.




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Malika continued walking by him to fetch her jewelry, totally cutting Hooch off. He just closed his designer robe and tied it so as to look desirable; and although this look was just the thing to turn her on, she was totally sincere about her desires remaining turned off.

He walked in the room closely behind her and turned on the light; he was curious of what she was wearing. It was barely dark outside, with a hint of light, but not enough to capture what exactly she was wearing. When he saw Malika in her new haircut and in that dress, in those high heels, he grew even more excited than he’d worked himself up to be when he planned his goodbye evening with her a few hours prior. He had it all figured out, he would set a mood and coax her into making herself up for him and he’d give her something to remember, to hold her down while he ran off and experienced life without her. She figured this much when she saw him in the sex robe; she didn’t need her gift of sight to see this coming.


“Where you going? Oh, shoot, I forgot, you have that party with your old work buddies, right?”


Malika quickly remembered this also, as she was about to leave out of the bedroom; she turned to pass him at the door and he put his arm up.


“I think we need to talk, you know, chat a little bit about our feelings, what’s left.”

She passed him anyway, disregarding his arm, walking out the bedroom door and down the stairs. She went in the kitchen and he followed her.


“You look good tonight. I’m diggin’ that new hairdo.”


He began talking his jive, but she ignored him, thinking only of a few snacks to hold her during the trip. She went to the pantry and got her lunch bag; he reached out for her waist to draw her in with his swelling third leg. But she continued on, being ever so focused. She grabbed some bananas, oranges, two apples, Club Crackers and a bottle of water. But Hooch, with his huge ego, was also focused. He’d not too long ago turned his bald head into a shine head of which he knew she could never, ever resist.


“Baby, I don’t wanna leave on a bad note. And you know I still feel for you; you’re my wife.”


I know you miss me as well, she thought to herself. But she headed to the foyer, cut through to the front room of the house and picked up the phone. She called her friend as he straddled behind her.


“Yeah, Beeny, I’m sorry; I’m not going to make it. No. Issues…Yep, those kind.”

Then she briefly explained in Pig Latin that she and Hooch had some issues so she was making a quick break for the Caribbean Islands.


Hooch was still trying to work on Malika while she was on the phone, but her feelings for him lay dead. She moved two steps away from him and moved the phone to look back at him as if to say, “Stop it.”


Malika was about to hang up the phone when Hooch took it from her hand, “here, let me take that; I got it, baby,” he cooed, grazing her fingers.


Malika walked up further and began to fix her stiletto when she heard the car pull up and blow. Hooch thought she was taking them off and playing hard to get so he figured he’d turn the seduction up a notch by being kinder than normal as he walked toward the kitchen door.


“Baby, I’m glad you not going because we need this time. Listen, you’re dressed nicely and we don’t want it to go to waste, so why don’t I, I dunno; I made us lasagna earlier, it’s in the oven, I’ll make you the garlic bread you like and we can just chill tonight? Enjoy our last night together.”


Malika had told herself, Don’t fall for it girl, remember how he does when he rises off of you after getting his thrills; he’ll make you feel like crap. Sure, he’ll make sure you reach your peak but, after that, he’s out and you’ll wish you kept it moving.

As the car horn blew again, he was so caught up in his sketch, he hadn’t put two and two together; he just kept spinning his tangled web. When he felt the chill coming from her, he turned the heat of his game up two notches.


“I mean, baby, you never know, I mean, I can’t make you no promises, I can’t guarantee anything, but, baby, tonight could turn out good for us; give me something to smile about, you know, when I’m gone and I think about you. Let’s make it beautiful. It might bring me home,” he said, pausing when he saw her walking toward the luggage and opening the door.


“Yo, baby, where you going? What’s up?”


“I’m leaving,” she replied, nonchalantly, as she grabbed her bags and quickly headed out.


“Wait, what you mean you leaving? You not supposed to leave; I’m going, what you tryin’ ta pull? We already talked about it, Malika!”


Malika looked back at him, kept it moving and shook her head at how cocky he was, thinking he was in control of their situation, as usual. She grew a smirk on her face at the whole situation as she continued to the car.


“Stop!” He paused, “Baby, what you think you doing? I’m trying to do something here, something promising and you stepping all over it talking ‘bout leaving!” After seeing she was not going to stop and honor anything he said as she normally does, he got desperate, “I forbid you to leave! Malika, mind ya husband,” he yelled, standing by the door confident, knowing she normally grants him respect for his position as the head of the house.


She instantly turned and looked at him with an expression that could kill...






This excerpt is merely the beginning of what awaits you in the novel.
A roller coaster ride of emotions keeps you on the edge of your seat, waiting for what's next.




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