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Andrea Clinton was born in East Orange, New Jersey during the time of the civil rights movements and riots in major cities in the US. Previously an English teacher and high school principal, Andrea Clinton is a Novelist, Poet, Essayist, Playwright, Screenwriter and Filmmaker. Andrea is a Montclair State University Graduate, who’s achieved a degree in English, Film, and Journalism. Presently, Andrea is achieving her Master’s degree in Theatre Studies. She’s the founder and CEO of the non-profit organization, People Helping People; she's Editor in Chief of AMISTAD newspaper and is presently working on a biography featuring her uncle, Rock and Roll Hall of fame's, George Clinton of Parliament/Funkadelic and the Clinton family.


Struck with Lupus in 2002, Andrea decided that if she were blessed to live, she would publish her countless stories for the world to read. Having already published several short stories, poems, commentary and articles in various newspapers and literary magazines, One Who Loves You More is Andrea’s first novel  and first book in the Life Knows No Bounds series. Andrea began this chronicle to address through fiction, the many directions life leads us in, regardless of which class we belong to.


With the goal of helping people to understand and accept life's terms, Andrea is said to write with that same creative gene and knack that made her uncle George Clinton the musical great that he is. See her many book reviews that support Andrea Clinton is a creative and entertaining writer on the rise.


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