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I, Andrea Clinton, am the Editor in Chief of AMISTAD newspaper. I have over 20 years of business, fiction, and creative non fiction writing experience; I'm also a huge fan of Communication and have a degree in Communications as well, Print Journalism to be exact. Writing offers me the means of communicating in a world of people who love to talk and argue opinions.

Newspaper writing is a device I use to be heard, but not for idle talks. I use newspaper, both print and online; to enlighten people of whatís going on around the world. Many of us think the only real concerns we have are those that happen here in the U.S., this is not so. Many, many of the things that happen around the world affect us here at home. Gas is merely one example of things that affect us. Imports from various countries, especially those who take issue with U.S., as well as whatís being imported with the imports, unbeknownst to us. This is news we all need to know.

The average Joe or Joan goes to work, comes home and prepares for work the next day, so most donít think to look outside the box. What I want to do with AMISTAD newspaper is to share the goings on around the world that most may miss in their day, in an effort to enlighten and bring up to date.

Presently, our newspaper is an eNewspaper on, and will be back in print very soon. Please read our newspaper with stories shared by our contributing journalist in bringing you AMISTAD, around the world. 




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