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So, here you are, visiting my film page.


I guess you figured out by now I love to entertain.


Well, lifeís short and sometimes unkind, so, I love to provide an escape out of this world and into so many, even if we have to use different devices to do so.


My talent and experience in film?





Where do I begin? Iíve written several screenplays over the years and FINALLY, with the help of some folk who know how to make it happen, these screenplays may be coming to a theatre near you, soon. I write Science Fiction, Drama, Fantasy, Surrealism, Adventure, Comedy, Crime and Thrillers that borderline Horror.





I directed a few shorts several years ago and put them on YouTube. One, a short about a young man who gets robbed and then, turn about is fair play. Another short film I directed is about a young man who is running from a dark spirit, i.e. the dark spiritual side of himself.


Then, Iím proud to say, I directed and produced a documentary about Eddie Swanson III, a young man studying martial arts as a way of life and coming up on the NASKA Karate Circuit. The documentary follows him for two years. Thatís right, my son, my Karate Kid.





Iíve edited all of the short films Iíve produced. My son Eddie aka BabyFensta, has been one of my actors and assistant editor and Iím so pleased that heís now in college majoring in film. See that apple falling from my tree ~



Whatís in the near future for Andrea Clinton & Film?

My eyes are on the prize, i.e., Cannes Film Festival, HBO, SHOWTIME, Lifetime Television and more.












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