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Hello and welcome to my web site.


My name is Andrea Clinton and I am the author of the, Life Knows No Bounds series. I titled it such in an effort to spell out what was to come in each book, a plethora of stories containing an array of life events. The goal of each book is to help readers attain an inside look at the hand life deals everyone. Each book serves as a reminder.




"Life is a cycle, a sequence of events and if this is true, the seat in life that you presently reside in is a seat on a roller coaster thatís always due for some turn or another; and when it makes those sharp turns, itíll drag you, heart pounding and racing and with you screaming for the ride to stop. But it wonít, at least not until lifeís ready, and that's life. It knows no boundaries."



"Andrea Clinton is a literary star on the rise,"
- Damon Amin Meadows

"The apple doesn't fall far from the family tree,"
- George Clinton, Parliament/Funkadelic

"Andrea Clinton has written a compelling novel with engaging characters.,"
- OOSA Bookclub

"DRAMA! Very well written and enjoyable,"
- Nita Bee "~Buzzin' Books~"

"WOW! I really enjoyed reading this novel! Andrea Clinton has written a fully entertaining novel... truly captivating.,"
N. Johnson, Chi-Town Reading Circle



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