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I've written so many plays over the years, I can't keep count. As a matter of fact, the first fictitious writings that I've written were plays. Along with creating movies, I've always had a fascination with theatre. I'd write a play, envisioning how it would play out on stage, envisioning all the characters and goings on, the world of the play, never realizing the director in me. But, the weird thing is that I would see the actors performing in one instance or another and see myself helping to guide them through their character's experience, but I didn't realize that in my mind, I was directing the actors. 
Then one day I began directing short films, and I realized I liked having say in how things pan out in a work. It was then that I made the connection of what I had been doing in my mind when writing my books, plays and screenplays. I asked myself if I would want to leave those writings in someone else's hands. Following was the want to see other great plays performed. With such a great interest and ideals in producing theatrical works, I knew what I had to do. So, I entered graduate school to attain a degree in Theatre. So here I am, achieving a degree in Theatre Studies with a concentration in Playwriting and Directing. Look out now!

My first project?  I am adapting my first novel, One Who Loves You More, into a play, makes since, right? The book is so successful and rated in the millions on Amazon US and UK book sales.


Our first informal reading of the play will be in December.  Look for this play on the road in 2014.

Plays/books by others I have my eye on directing:
  - The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gillman
  - A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen
I look forward to producing several other plays, including a few juicy contemporary pieces. 


Plays I've written?  Well, you'll begin to see a few of them published for your reading pleasure very soon. Again, Iíve got some golden nuggets on the horizon so, stay tuned for your entertainment pleasure.



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